• Spinach and feta lasagna

  • Cheese lasagna

  • Pasta with choice of sauce

    • Marinara, Alfredo, or mushroom sauce

  • Sun-dried tomato tortellini with fresh tomato 

  • Cheese Ravioli with white cheese sauce

  • Stuffed shells with ricotta and spinach

  • Salmon and broccoli fettuccine 

  • Spaghetti bolognese 

  • Rainbow rotelli with Pesto Sauce

Pasta Station

  • Italian pasta with fresh meats or fish, stir fried with vegetables and a choice of sauces


Dairy Options

  • Baked cheese enchilada

  • Chili relleno

  • Eggplant rollatine

  • Eggplant parmesan

  • Salmon and cauliflower frittata

  • Caramelized sweet onion quiche

  • Cheese blintz souffle



  • Baked tilapia with fresh tomato, basil, and onion

  • Mahi Mahi with butter lemon caper sauce

  • London fried fish 

  • Seared ahi in a citrus and seseme sauce

  • Chinese sweet and sour fish

  • Salmon Wellington

  • Marinated twirl of halibut and salmon

  • Teriyaki salmon

  • Grilled halibut with butter and roasted almonds

  • Whole poached salmon

  • Fried fish cakes in pineapple sweet and sour sauce

  • Moroccan salmon with garbanzo beans, lemon, and paprika

  • Mongolian fish with noodles and fresh vegetables



  • Tofu and vegetables with rice noodles 

  • Thai coconut vegetables

  • Sweet and sour chow mein

  • Giant portobello with feta and cilantro 

  • Lentil biryani 

  • Moroccan couscous with vegetables 

  • Ratatouille 

  • Spinach Wellington 

  • Stuffed cabbage with wild rice  

  • Vegetable pot pie

  • Tzimmes with carrot and dried plums


  • Beef stroganoff with rice noodles

  • Roast beef with a merlot demiglaze

  • Baked beef short rib in BBQ Sauce

  • Chinese beef and broccoli 

  • Turkish lamb stew 

  • Beef Pad-Thai 

  • Indian curried beef with potato 

  • Lamb ribs in a Korean BBQ sauce

  • Stuffed ribeye roll with pineapple and chicken

  • Assorted cold cuts with traditional condiments and fillings

  • Caribbean beef mojo 

  • Brisket chasseur

  • BBQ brisket

  • Lamb chops

  • Schnitzel

  • Beef fajitas with traditional sides


  • Canadian chicken breast stuffed with mango, cilantro, and peppers

  • Roast chicken with garlic and herbs

  • BBQ chicken

  • Chicken in tomato and mushroom sauce

  • Half baby roasted cornish hen

  • Chicken breast with sesame crust

  • Chicken in honey lemon and ginger sauce

  • Chicken fajitas with traditional sides

  • Chicken casserole with cranberries and red wine

  • Crumbed panko chicken with fresh lemon

  • Turkey schnitzel

  • Orange chicken

  • Chinese chicken stir fry with noodles

  • Pastry shell with chicken a la king

  • Indian curry chicken vindaloo with traditional sambals


Main Course Stations

  • Carvery station, served with choice of accompaniments 

    • Roast beef

    • Turkey breast

    • Roast Chicken

    • Naval Pastrami

    • Lamb Shoulder

  • Pad Thai station

    • Fresh wokked vegetables with choice of meat in our special curry sauce

  • Vol au Vent Station

    • Crispy pastry cups with choice of filling (ratatouille, salmon, or broccoli )

  • Mongolian BBQ

    • Choice of meats, vegetables, and sauces

    • Chef-attended BBQ for an individual, quick stir fry

  • Mexican Station

    • Fajitas, served with flour and corn tortillas

    • Choice of meat or chicken or fish 

    • Guacamole

    • Salsa

    • Beans

    • Rice

    • Corn

    • Pico De Gallo

    • Lime wedges

  • Shawarma and/or Falafel Station

    • Pita

    • Hummus

    • Tahini

    • Baba ganoush

    • Pickles

    • Hariff 

    • Onion with sumac

    • Israeli salad

  • Hot beef and turkey breast on rye Station

with Traditional Accompaniments

  • London Fish and Chips Station with salt and vinegar, coleslaw, and potato salad

  • BBQ Station

    • Choose from steaks, chicken, chops, chicken, and beef skewers, hot dog and hamburger

    • Corn, grilled vegetables, portobello mushrooms, and accompaniments


We also have Chinese, Indian, Caribbean, and South African Stations (please inquire within)

Catering by Charles Rubin

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