This is the total amount you will pay for the menu you have chosen.

Different aspects also need to be considered when planning. For example, the time of day, the make-up of your event, the guests that will be attending (i.e. adults, men, teenagers, buffet vs. plate service etc.)

We supply a generous amount of food so that your guests can enjoy one full serving. There will be a certain amount of food extra, but certain popular items may run out after everyone has had their appropriate portion.

Bear in mind, to further ensure that both client and customer feel comfortable and satisfied, we rely totally on you giving us the right number of guests. We cannot be held responsible for food running low and hope at all costs to avoid this embarrassing situation.


All left over open food is generally left for the client but is at the discretion of the caterer to determine if it is safe to pack up and store for future use.


Labor costs are determined by the courses you will have, the level of service, and the amount of guests you have.

Included in the menu price is all kitchen staff used before the event. You will be charged for the staff and time it takes to set up, break down, and manage an event.

The average sit down dinner will require 1 server per 20-25 people. For a buffet, this number is 1 server per 30 people. With Paper goods, the amount of staff decreases by approximately 50%.

Other important considerations include additional staff that may be required to be included if needed, such as bartenders, hostess service, coat check, valet, dishwashers etc.

There is a minimum event length of 4 hours which is an industry standard, but some events run for longer. After 8 hours, time and a half applies.

The duties of our staff include laying tables, servings guests, bussing tables and keeping the food and facility clean and well organized.


Cooking and serving equipment will be provided at no extra cost where possible.

We work very closely with reputable and reliable companies, and we organize all aspects of rentals with them at no extra cost to you.

We have a limited inventory of cloths available to rent in different colors and sizes which are considerably less than rental companies.

Often, rental pieces will be needed to create a special effect you may desire. Many unique items are available and we are sure to help you in this aspect so you can attain the perfect atmosphere.

Any missing items or breakages will be your responsibility. There is a damage waiver which can be purchased at time of placing the order.


The facility charges to the Caterer may be included in your invoice as a service charge (depending on the venue).

You will be responsible for all other expenses connected to renting the facility including, maintenance fees, deposits, commissions, equipment rental, license fees, and insurance (liquor).


For all catering under the Va’ad Harabbonim of San Diego, you will need a Mashgiach. Cost will be determined on whether it is meat or dairy menu and/or where you are having the event.


Tips, service charges, and gratuity are not included, and the price you see is the price you pay. Of course, our staff do appreciate a tip if you are happy with the service provided.


We generally do not supply centerpieces for buffet and guest tables. We work very closely with a number of different vendors who we are confident recommending. Please inquire about these.

We will gladly help you set up and break down these on the tables before and after an event, and this will be incorporated in the labor cost.


Final numbers must be given 1 week before date of function.


A deposit is expected to reserve this date for you.


You will be invoiced before your event and the balance is expected before we begin. An adjustment will be made after the event if necessary. Any changes within reason you wish to make after signing will not be declined.

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