Ice Cream 

  • French tuile cup with chocolate and sorbet 

  • Cherry jubilee with vanilla ice cream 

  • Baked alaska with meringue and ice cream 

  • Ice cream log 

  • Spumoni 

Cakes and Pastry


  • Apple strudel and cream 

  • French pastries (eclairs, calzones, tartlets, tiramisu, etc.)

  • Assorted cookies (chocolate chip, macadamia, oats and raisin, etc.)

  • Cakes (black forest, tiramisu, cheese, carrot, lemon meringue, etc.) 

  • Meringue gateau with strawberry and chocolate 

  • Lemon, apple, and pecan streusel squares 

  • Raspberry mille fleur (pasty and cream)

  • Tea cakes, babkas, and coffee cakes 

  • Creme caramel or flan

  • Cupcakes 


  • Fresh slides fruit display 

  • Fresh fruit salad with ginger syrup 

  • Baked apples with cinnamon and raisins 

  • Fresh fruit mousse in mini glass display 

  • Fruit kebabs 

  • Strawberries and cream 

  • Poached pears in red wine sauce 

  • Assorted berry cups


  • Chocolate Fondue Fountain

    • Fresh fruit, marshmallows, and lady fingers 

  • Crepe Station made with choice of fresh fruit and berries, syrups, chocolate, nuts, Nutella, cinnamon sugar, and cream 

  • Ice Cream Sundae Station 

    • Assorted toppings of your choice, including cherries, nuts, cream, sprinkles, chocolate chips, Oreo cookies, M&Ms, gummy bears, etc. 

  • Vanilla ice cream served with hot fruit sauce

    • ​Banana foster, cherry jubilee, and cinnamon apple

  • Crepe Suzette Station 
    • French crepes steeped in hot orange and liquor sauce served with vanilla ice cream 
  • Martini Glass Display

    • Chocolate and vanilla mousse

    • Fruit salad with Jello-O and cream

    • Baked apple

    • Brandy tart and custard

    • Fresh berry cup

    • Rice pudding

    • English trifle

  • Donut Station 

    • Freshly made donuts paired with powdered sugar or vanilla and chocolate frosting 

Catering by Charles Rubin

San Diego's Finest Kosher Catering